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All Shall Be Well

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.
~Julian of Norwich

This was a somewhat difficult piece to finish. I initially created it with a fountain pen my ex bought me. Whenever I initially create art, whatever feelings or emotions I had while creating the piece always stick with me. So it was bitter-sweet to finally vector this. The message was particularly helpful, though, as I continue to discover who I am on my own and continue to grow and see that indeed, all shall be well.

This design is available for sale on an ever-growing number of products over at Zazzle, along with being available at TeePublic.

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I’m going to run the same deal I did last time: if you become a patron (supporting me with as little as $1 per post/art piece…which, considering my writing and arting schedule, really don’t be a whole lot!), then I’ll upload a print-ready file to Patreon for you to have and print and do whatever you like (so long as you don’t, like, sell it or claim it’s yours. I’ll come after you.) You have until Friday, May 20th, and I’ll upload the file that weekend.

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