I’m Dani Ward,

and I do lots of things.

For the Well-Meaning Christian

I know as a Christian, you’re really trying to be kind to me and people like me. I know you really want to interact with people outside your spheres in as loving and helpful a way as possible. And you know what? We’re totally on the same page with that! I think we could do such important work in the world around us if we can figure out a way to work together.

Unfortunately, we’re still running into a lot of communication problems. As a former Christian invested in making safe spaces wherever I can, maybe I can help bridge the gap between us a little bit.

To make it abundantly clear: why this atheist is invested in Christianity.

Part of me says, “You’re not a Christian anymore, so just ignore it. It’s not like it affects you anymore anyway.” But that’s not really true. There are lots of things about Christianity that deeply affected me for over 20 years, and when Christianity also tends to play a role in U.S. politics, it sure as hell affects me.

And the thing is, when I stopped believing in God, I didn’t stop caring about people.