I’m Dani Ward,

and I do lots of things.

Haikus with Dani: Coercion

Content note: rape

St. Patrick’s Day will never be the same for me. This whole week has been nothing but hellish memory almost every waking moment. I’m so grateful for the friends and family who have spent time with me to make sure I’m not alone and that I’m safe.

a year has passed since
his week-long coercion, and
i still wonder why.

what about me screams
“this girl rapes easy!”? is there
something i’m missing?

all i know is that
he seemed friendly and harmless
til it was too late.

even then, i couldn’t
accept what had happened, so
i thought i was fine.

the first night was bad.
yet i spun a glowing tale,
horrors unmentioned.

the last night was worse,
left me shaken and choking…
it’s hard to sit there.

my house is haunted,
his ghost lurking all around.
it’s hard to ignore.

everywhere i go
holds uncertainty and fear:
what if he sees me?

even my body
holds memories, sensations…
there is no escape.

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