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Masculinity Is So Fragile

This past year, Eliel Cruz started the instantly popular and constantly snarkily on-point blog, “Masculinity Is ~So~ Fragile,” featuring everyday marketing, products, and attitudes that are supposedly necessary to coddle men whose masculinity is so fragile. Think about “man-sized” things, or the ridiculous “man card” (WHICH IS ACTUALLY A THING WHAT) and can apparently be revoked by something so pathetic as using the wrong soap. As Eliel says, the blog “is dedicated to all the ridiculous things made for menz because menz need to be manly because masculinity is ~so~ fragile.”

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time anywhere on social media for beyond, you know this blog is right up my alley and I’ve been a massive fan. So when Eliel approached me about creating a shirt design with the same name, you know I said yes.

This design is being sold through Teespring through December 24. It’s printed on American Apparel shirts and runs $20. And if you happen to want to buy one and then cut it into a crop top and post photos tagged #masculinityissofragile…well, who are we to stop you? After all…

Masculinity is so fragile.

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