I’m Dani Ward,

and I do lots of things.

My body is magnificent.

In the past few years, I’ve been rethinking what it means to have a Good Body. I’ve examined what it’s like to have a fat body, how I came to embrace my femininity, and the struggles I face with my chronically ill body.

In our culture, Good Bodies are to look and act a specific way — a specific way that excludes and often oppresses people who are fat, those with physical or mental disabilities, those with chronic illnesses, people of color. But we’re all victims of the constant marketing and socialization about what a Good Body looks and acts like and how to attain it and how to hate yourself for being unable to attain it.

We’re coming upon the New Year — and that means a dramatic increase in the onslaught of marketing about weight loss, dieting, exercise, and getting a better body. But what makes a “good” body? I suggest that everyone has a Good Body by virtue of having a body. Whether you’re thin or fat, able-bodied or disabled, struggling with an eating disorder or body dysphoria, white or any minority that’s never celebrated as much as whiteness is — you have a good body.

And I want to help you celebrate it with this shirt.

Your body is magnificent

Available through Teespring until January 7, 2016

It comes in unisex sizes up to 5X, fitted sizes up to 4X, and hoodies up to 5X. Each section has 5 color options. The unisex shirts are Hanes tagless tees, the fitted tees are Teespring premium tees, and the hoodies are Gildan heavy blend. I’ve bought T-shirts and hoodies from Teespring before, and they’re pretty great. Good quality, would buy again, and of course would recommend that you buy, too.

So celebrate your rad self. Proclaim to the world that even if you don’t look like the body they say you should have, and even when you don’t particularly believe it, that your body is magnificent.

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