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Redeeming Love Review Update

Hello, dear friends. It’s officially been a year since I started my Redeeming Love review series. A lot has happened in that year, some of which I’m hesitant to talk about at any length on this particular platform. Suffice it to say that every time I’ve tried to pick up the book to continue the review, I’ve been reduced to a quivering mess of nerves, pain, and days spent drowning in unwelcome memory.

I do want to finish my review at some point, perhaps when the trauma is less fresh, less all-encompassing. But for now, I shall refer you to Lindsay’s excellent critique (the first critique of this book I ever read). I will also point you to my good friend Samantha Field, who is taking over to do her own review series. I’m super thankful she’s doing this. I believe it’s so important, especially since it’s a massively influential conservative Christian cultural phenomenon. And especially since Samantha’s book reviews are always top-notch.

Words mean things, friends. The stories we tell each other (and ourselves) are so important — perhaps even more so when we realize a story we believed turns out to be only what we needed to believe until we were ready for the truth. The story of Redeeming Love is just such a story for so many of us who once found solace in its pages only to discover that it was a slow-acting poison.

Thank you for your patience with me, and particularly for your kindness and support this year. You all mean so very much to me.

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