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Throwback Thursday: INFOCUS Marketing Rebranding

2010. The previous logo was a stark black and bright red, with a stylized target at the end of the logotype. In rebranding, I wanted to harken back to that logo a little bit while creating a cohesive, strong mark. I chose a dark gray and deeper red, along with incorporating the target into the logotype itself, to help make our mark recognizable while still communicating that we were the same company.

INFOCUS Marketing acquired a 25 year old print and direct mail firm in June of 2010. Months before the official acquisition took place, the marketing department needed to come up with a new face for the company as we would be offering our clients and customers a myriad of services beyond list management.

Having been a part of the team for months, I had already proven my skill set, so I was tasked with redesigning our corporate materials and a company logo redesign. My goal was to keep the visual language consistent without being overbearing. The following gallery shows the rebranding before and after.

PACK EXPO Playbook 2013

PMMI asked me to come up with a concept & a design for the exhibitor handbook for their 2013 PACK EXPO show in Las Vegas. The theme was a playbook, so I decided to go with a clipboard that would be full of “game plans” for the exhibitors. The clipboard was die-cut and slipped into a slit on the front to keep the booklet closed. PMMI and their exhibitors alike were incredibly pleased with the result.