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Cognitive distortion and taking up space.

My brain is spinning with thoughts and conversations over the past weeks, the culmination of almost a year’s worth of introspection and mourning. “I looked through the journal section of your blog and noticed you haven’t really written lately,” a friend noted. No. I haven’t. I’ve been afraid, frankly. With some good reason and probably with some over-reaction. But sharing…

The passing of a mentor.

One of my favourite art teachers of all time died yesterday evening after battling cancer for just over a year. I was fortunate to be able to communicate the following to him before he died, but I wanted to share with everyone else as a tribute to him.

Here’s to you, Mike Slattery, enthusiastic artist, kind-hearted soul, best of men.

On hiding and expressing emotions.

I have spent most of my adult life hiding my emotions in an effort to be more acceptable to people. I don’t want to bring others down. I don’t want to inconvenience people. I don’t want to make them uncomfortable. But surely there comes a point where it’s healthier to talk, to feel, to share my burdens with the fullness of the emotions felt?


My grandfather passed away this morning. He died in his recliner, coffee cup beside him, half-empty packet of tobacco sticking out of his pocket (with a wad in his mouth), watching the WVU pre-game. Heart attack — his fourth one, though first in over a decade. He was 78 years old.